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Free Yourself

With hypnotherapy, identify and resolve the root cause of your issues quicker and easier than ever imagined possible. Work with Jackie, a certified hypnotherapist and life coach, who will help you gain insight and wisdom into your issues and remove the blocks that prevent you from living your best life. Begin living life with a sense of personal freedom you've never experienced before!

Let's Work Together

Achieve Health and Wholeness with Ease and Joy!

Release Codependency

Let go of outdated thought, behavior and relationship patterns that keep you stuck.

Find Your Mission

Know you are here for a reason but feel blocked? Uncover your destined life purpose.

Claim Your Birthright

Happiness and fulfillment are your birthright. Reclaim your right to joy!

Reverse the effects of Narcissistic Abuse

Through her own healing journey, Jackie has become an expert at helping clients identify and recover from the aftermath of Narcissistic Abuse. Jackie experienced first-hand how hypnotherapy works as a powerful antidote for the effects of Narcissistic Abuse and other forms of trauma. Reach out to Jackie for help today!

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Regain your inner spark for life!

Hypnotherapy works!
Results can often be realized in as few as three sessions.
Go on a fascinating self-discovery journey, full of aha-moments, forgiveness and feeling whole.
Jackie offers a free 20-minute phone consultation so don't hesitate to reach out.
It's never too late to feel healthy, happy and energized about life again!

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